Sunday, September 12, 2010

5 Months

What a sweet little lady Zoey is turning out to be. She is so happy and smiley. She is getting stronger and wants so badly to sit up. She will put whatever is in front of her in her mouth. And she will grab at my drink until she gets some. I started her on rice cereal. She’s not too sure about it, but loves trying to get it to her mouth. The taste can’t be great, and she certainly doesn’t cry for more, but it’s fun for her to try. She rolls over and when she’s laying down will crunch up like she’s trying to sit up. She grabs her feet when I’m changing her diaper and it’s so cute. When I say her name or talk to her she smiles and sometimes will make cute giggles or noises. She'll put her hand in her mouth or kick her feet. Everything about her is just adorable. I can’t get enough!! The boys lover her, too and she is all smiles most of the time. (Unless hungry, tired or in need of a diaper change). She is at a really fun stage and I love watching her grow. She is doing much better in the car and hardly gets fussy when I strap her in. I don't know what to do with her hair. Some days its fluffy and other days I do the piggy thing. She's cute no matter what. I love having a girl.

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  1. She's adorable!! Did you make that carrier yourself? (3rd picture up) So cute!!